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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) — the digital assets that can’t be replicated — are migrating from the art world to the political arena at lightning speed in the 2022 election campaign.


We at American Tokens are dedicated to providing the premier NFT minting service for political candidates, by creating the online marketplace where the collectors can obtain the highest quality NFTs for their collection.  Our goal is to provide the most easy-to-use and secure marketplace for buying, selling, or gifting Tokens, all the while keeping careful and precise records of each transaction.


That’s important because NFTs are already becoming  collectables of political history. A governor, senator, or congresswoman elected in 2022 may become our next president in 2024, and her tokens in this election will become even more valuable in the next.


Imagine what a “Reagan” NFT minted back in his day — like the one shown here — would be worth today.



We can mint NFTs for you with your photo or any other provided image/document/media file coded into each token!  The numbered and certified NFTs are then either (a) distributed per your instructions directly to donors, or (b) listed for sale on your behalf on our Marketplace, along with a numbered Certificate of Authentication that can be color printed and, if desired, framed and displayed. Our limited edition NFT are secured with 256-bit encryption, with private keys issued to the owners at a point of transfer.


As we have the ability to produce NFT editions of various designs in quantities from 1 to 1,000 , you can choose to gift your limited-edition tokens to the larger donors, and high-volume edition tokens to smaller donors.

PACs can choose to purchase packages of tokens for any number of candidates they are supporting, a powerful way to benefit multiple candidates at a lower cost.


What does it cost?  Less than you think!  Contact us for pricing.


The Certificate of Authenticity below is provided as a sample of what your every NFT shall be accompanied with. 

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